Aromatherapy Massage is awesome!

Holistic therapy massage reiki
Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy which uses essential oils derived  from plants in treatments to strive for physical, mental and spiritual health equilibrium. The body’s innate ability to heal itself is awakened and encouraged to return from a state of imbalance or ‘dis-ease’ to a state of balance and health, aromatherapy does not aim to deal with disease – its aim is to release well being, harmony and improved mental and physical health. The healing process occurs whether the disharmony is manifesting itself on a physical level (for example a headache) or on a emotional level (for example depression).
Essential oils are complex, each one is composed of individual chemical constituents that work synergically promoting Massage reiki thai massage holistic therapy practitioner yogahealing and well being. Essential oils have physiological, psychological and spiritual properties, it is always wise to choose oils that seems to offer the greatest benefits in all levels. Their therapeutic properties are stimulating, refreshing or sedative.
Aromatherapy is not only aimed at relieving and eliminating health problems but is also concerned with the prevention of the disease and the promotion of healthy living; they also allow us to raise our levels of resistance and immunity.
We live in a very stressful environment, people are  surrounded by noise, air pollution, financial problems, uncertainty about the future, a feeling that there is no way out.
Holistic therapy south wales aromatherapyAll these stress factors create a state of muscular tension, the heat works harder and energy is burned out, we become fatigued, depressed and our resistance to disease is drastically reduced. Aromatherapy massage can be extremely beneficial in these situations, relaxing away tension, restoring vitality, reducing the workload of heart and nervous system. It can also reduce pain in many arthritic and rheumatic conditions, it can hasten a number of the body’s processes for healing, and actually change a person’s psychological mood.
Don’t think twice… Just book it!!!
Feel awesome!

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