The Ripple Effect, Diary of a Yogini – Day 6

Mother Earth

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day here in south Wales…yoga

Elijah and I decided that it would be nice to get the pushbike and go to the park. On our way we saw this group of 6 or so teenagers walking around, having fun. And then something happen.

One of the boys deliberately “dropped” his little juice carton on the street. Unluckily for him I was just cycling up behind him. When I saw that scene it really got me (as they usually do, I am one of these people that when I see someone throwing something out of the car window I beep the horn at them!),  so as I passed by him I slowed down and asked “Could you please pick up the juice carton you dropped?” I continued cycling, saying loudly with a smile on my face “We need to take care of our planet, our society, our community!”. Obviously he did not pick it up.

Elijah asked me to stop because his shoe was falling off, so I stopped and fixed his shoe and waited for the boy. I asked him, without any confrontation “Are you really just going to leave that box on the street?” and he said “Yes”. I asked why and he said “I yoga4don’t know…”. Well, as a yogini, a mother, a conscious human being and an “activist” I started to explain to him: “You know, I used to be like that too, but now I have a little boy and I see how important it is to preserve the planet, we need it in order to survive; I don’t want to be an old lady telling you off, I just want to say that we need to take care of where we live so future generations can survive, including you (he was looking very bored by now…). He looked at me and said “Ok, I am going to get it… FOR YOU”. I smiled and said “Not for me, for everyone!”. Looking at me with a face like “I GOT IT, STOP!” He said “Ok for the planet!”.

So this boy walked back, picked up the cartoon and threw it in the bin. I was impressed! As Elijah and I passed by his side we said “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” I really hope that this episode clicked some neurons in this troop. I acknowledge the importance to show to the younger generations that even with small actions we can really impact our planet. Elijah kept on asking me why do people throw things on the floor, he is a little conscious soul in so many aspects.

yoga1When we were at the play park there were bottles and food stuff all over (as per usual), Elijah saw one bottle and thought that some of the boys in the park had thrown it on the grass, he looked at me quite angry and said “Look Mummy, they throw in on the grass, I am going to tell them to get it!”. I had to convince him that wasn’t the boys who did it, that we did not know who did it, and that he should let the boys play. He was quite persistent, but eventually he let it go.

It seems that as each year passes I become more aware of the impact that I have on my world. I see that every choice that I make has a ripple effect, and that the world is just an accumulated ripple effect of the many choices we each have made. Whilst this
can be a burden (I have to think more about what I will eat, say, do, etc.) I also find it Mother earthvery empowering. It seems that culturally we are stuck in the mind frame that nothing we do can make a difference, that we are ultimately insignificant in the grand scheme of things and disconnected from the world around us. This is such an unhealthy mindset… It belittles us, makes us feel small, separated, vulnerable, helpless and hopeless. Which is so far from the truth!! All it takes is a change of mindset and we become powerful interconnected beings, intentionally manifesting our shared reality! A happy reality.

Do your part and know that wherever you are we will be here doing ours! 🙂

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