A Pregnant Yogini – Diary of a Yogini, Day 8.

My dear yoginis, yogis and friends…pregnancy yoga yoga frog

As some of you know already, I am pregnant. šŸ™‚

The baby is now 18 weeks, the belly is growing fast and we are happy.

The first trimester was a bit rough; hormones changing, thoughts going all over the place, cravings (which before I thought was only a excuse for mums to eat whatever, hehehe), nausea, low iron… Oh man! A very different experience from my first pregnancy!

Even though we planned this baby and we believe that this is the right moment, at the beginning I felt quite resistant to the body changes. Everything was happening a lot quicker than when I first got pregnant with our beautiful son Elijah. Now I am feeling a lot more stable, confident and allowing things to go with the flow.

After a small break from practicing yoga, I now feel up or it again. I am trying to make time yoga frog pregnancy to chant mantras, as I am certain that the sacred sound vibrations must be very good for the baby. I am going for walks when I can and doing dry brushing (literally scrubbing myself with a dry brush) to keep the lymphatic system going; I am taking vitaminsĀ specificĀ for pregnancy and iron supplement and I am also eating a lot of protein and green juices.

This pregnancy is really bringing me in contact with my self, I am connecting with my feelings even more than ever; I find myself pondering about life lots, wondering what it is that I really love doing and then finding ways to go for it (if the bump allows! Some things will have to wait). I have been feeling like I should do fun things, things that really bring me joy. Although I am getting rounder, a feel quite attractive and I am really enjoying to be who I am.

pregnancy yoga frog yoginiElijah received the news very very very well and is very happy! He really wants to have a brother.

Ali has been a very loving and understanding husband, especially when I get emotional (as one tends to do when pregnant).

So, if you are out there and are a pregnant yogini like me, get in touch, ask or share any tips about herbs, diet and yoga. It will be great to share this amazing experience.

I will be soon posting a pregnancy yoga session on Youtube, so keep your eyes open!

PregnancyBooks I recommend:

Child Birth Without Fear – Grantly Dick-Read, MD
Gentle Birth Method – Dr Gowri Motha
Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth – Ina May gaskin
Am I Allowed? Ā – AIMS

For now, check out what I found on the internet:



*not sure when she says about putting the arms up, but it is a fun video. šŸ˜‰


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