Diary of a Yogini, An amazing home birth!

IMG_7636Our son Rowan was born on Tuesday the 10th of November, in the birth pool at home, received by the hand of his father, at 5am.

My waters broke around 5am on Monday, giving us
plenty of warning that he was arriving, with light pressure waves that came every hour or so for almost 24 hours, suddenly around 3:40 am everything changed, time stopped and Ali and I were absorbed into a rhythmic dance with Nature and Life Force.

IMG_7699In the birth pool I felt the pressure waves coming and going. I became very
vocal, some would think I was singing others might have thought that I was having an orgasmic birth (which unfortunately was not the case!). Sounds were spontaneously coming out of me, I  felt the urge to change positions and Ali was there moving with me, whispering in my ear, helping me along each step. He was the perfect birth partner!

We were supported by our amazing Doula, Samantha, who created a safe space for the birth of our son. In times like we are now, where birth is seen as a medical procedure and not as natural process which most women will go through, I feel that the presence of a doula is so necessary!

The opportunity to have an unassisted birth was the most amazing, crazy, exciting, “raw” and primal process of my life! I felt like I was guided by nature’s consciousness, the force that underlies everything, I was one with the Source.

The pressure waves became intense and then suddenly something changed, I looked down, and I thought “this is it”. Ali said he also recognised that moment as the transition. In that moment everything became still.

IMG_7708From this moment onwards I started to feel intense pressure on my pelvis and the urge to gently push… Ali could feel Rowan’s head crowning with each contraction. Not long after there he was, our little baby boy.

My mum and Elijah came down to meet the baby… I was still in another ‘place’ and Ali, finally satisfied that all was fine, lay down on the floor with a satisfied glow on his face.

This story still goes on, but I wanted to share the most special part with you, to empower pregnant women.

We must have the right to birth our children the way we believe is the best for us, we must take all responsibility in our hands, we need to educate ourselves about childbirth. And importantly, we need midwives and doctors who respect our decisions and who listen to us and who can participate in a childbirth with open minds and hearts.

We need to reclaim our power!

By Pollyana Caldas Xavier Leaver

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