Diary of a yogini – It is all about how YOU feel.

post2This morning after my yoga practice I sat to meditate. I connected with that feeling of spaciousness within and allowed my mind to quieten.

But of course thoughts came and went, sensations arose and fell away. Many times a desire to stop meditating came and went, and I thought “It is like part of me wants to meditate and other part is done with it, but I guess the more I stay here the better”. So I stayed. And then again I thought “So how many of you are there? Are you divided?” Another thought. “My mind is divided, but I am one”. And another thought… “How do I know what I really want and which part of I is wanting?” The answer came… How do you feel about it?  In your gut? In your core? And in your heart? How does your body feel in this situation?

post5In the quiet, how do you feel about any situation? That is what you really want. Simple as that.

For a long time now I have done this when deciding what to eat (I know, I am foodie!). I remember when I started doing it, I would close my eyes and imagine myself eating one food, then another. I paid attention to how it felt, the food in my mouth, the taste, the texture and then chose the one that felt better.

This small practice can be done in all areas in our lives, not only when we eat. We can use it to see how we feel about a job, a situation, an attitude, a journey, our next step in life, anything!

post1In the book, Conversations With God, God says “The soul speaks to you in feelings. Listen to your feelings. Follow your feelings. Honor your feelings… If you want to live a life where you never follow your feelings, but where every feeling is is filtered through the machinery of your mind, go right ahead. Make your decisions based on your Mind’s analysis of the situation. But don’t look for joy in such machinations, nor for celebration of Who You Truly Are…
If you listen to your soul you will know what is “best” for you, because what is best for you is what is true for you.” (I love quoting God!)

A good way to develop this intuition is in our daily yoga practice, by allowing ourselves to feel what type of practice we feel like doing, a strong one or a chilled one? Which asana do we feel like doing? Allow your mind to be still then one after the other just allow yourself to be guided from that deep feeling within. Forget what you should do, or what looks cool or what will work what body part. Each morning in the quiet of your home, in the silence of yourself, find your path and follow it.


Pollyana Caldas Xavier Leaver




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