Start Up Yoga


Are you new to yoga? Or have you been at it a while but not really sure what it’s all about? I am starting up a new course consisting of 4 private sessions for yoga beginners and improvers. My aim is to get you comfortable with the basics and draw your attention to some fundamental aspects in order for you to get the most out of your yoga practice!

Within the classes you have the benefits of a 1-2-1 session, having freedom to ask questions and to have postures tailored specifically for you. You will feel confident to join any yoga class and inspired to get your yoga practice going.

First session:

  • What is
  • The purpose of a yoga practice.
  • What is asana.
  • Basic asanas (tailored specially for you!).

Second session:

  • Mantra Om
  • Surya Namaskar – Benefits and asana practice.
  • Importance of Savasana

Third session:

  • Importance of the breath;yoga5
  • What is pranayama;
  • Ujjay breath;
  • Opening the breath (breathing excercise)
  • Gentle asana practice.

Fourth session:

  • Putting it all together!


Investment: £120.00 (£30 per session) Price includes 3 FREE yoga sessions in Polly’s weekly classes.

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