Raw White Chocolate Spread

Raw, Healthy and delicious!
Sugar free as well… For white chocolate lovers, here is a healthy and nutritious option to satiate or chocolate and sugar cravings.
Seriously good!

You will need a high speed blender or a fair amount of time, scraping and patience on a normal blender.

500g of raw cashew nuts
200g of organic grated coconut
50g of raw cacao butter
1 tsp of vanilla extract
Yeah, that is it.

1 – In bain marie, melt the cacao butter.
2- Mean while start blending the coconut and cashews until they start to look like a nut butter.
3- Add vanilla extract and melted cocoa butter.

C’est ça!

Recipe made by Polly.

PS: It tastes delicious on top of quinoa bake. Get the recipe here!

quinoa bake raw white chocolate spread

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