Special Yoga Immersion with James Boag – Unique Opportunity!

We are so excited to bring James Boag to the Borders. It will be truly amazing!

 @Yoga Frog Sanctuary, Yarrowford, TD7 5NA. 

Date: 12th, 13th, 14th of May, 2017.

£160.00 for full weekend. (only 6 spaces available)

Contact us by email or at our Facebook Page.

***Unique opportunity!***
YogaFrog is bringing James Boag to the Borders for a weekend full immersion workshop in the beautiful setting of the YogaFrog Sanctuary.

Polly was lucky enough to see James in Glasgow in November 2016 and was so impressed that she resolved to bring him to the Borders!

The Theme: Cultivating Harmony in our World Today.
Yoga invites us to work practically with the spectrum of our human experience and the reality of the constant change, challenges and opportunities of a human life.
Whether you are new to yoga, or have been immersed in this field for decades, James’ integrated workshop programs offer us the opportunity to deepen our understanding of the practical resources of the yoga tradition and how we can work with them to foster harmony and fulfilment in all aspects of our lives.
The core teachings of yoga make it clear that yoga ‘practice’ is not confined to the time we are working with yoga techniques, but is really everything we do. Drawing on these essential teachings, we will explore ‘full spectrum practical yoga’ and how the practical gifts of yoga can help us navigate the reality of 21st century life.

Friday 12th of May:
We start our immersion in the evening with a talk by James and beautiful Kirtan.

Saturday 13th of May:
Morning asana practice, delicious and healthy lunch made by Polly, and afternoon session lead by James. He will infuse us with his knowledge which will allow us to apply yoga phIlosophy into our everyday lives.

Sunday 14th of May:
Morning asana practice. Delicious lunch made by Polly.
Afternoon, yoga philosophy to inspire your life’s journey.

A few words more about Kirtan:
Yoga and the Power of Sound: Call and response singing and chanting with James Boag
The yoga tradition offers myriad tools we can work with to cultivate integration and recover our innate capacities for deep presence and sustainable wellbeing. These include many sound-based techniques and practices. The extraordinary visionaries and research scientists of the ancient yoga tradition recognised the pervasive, penetrative power of sound and how the readily accessible resources of our own voices can be harnessed to foster harmony through the whole of our being.
The call and response singing and chanting of kirtan, is simple, yet powerful, cleansing and uplifting. James will also speak briefly about kirtan, Sanskrit as an energy-based language, the symbolism and effects of the words we use in the practice, and how kirtan relates to other practices and paths of yoga.
Everyone welcome! Do not worry if you are not a virtuoso singer. The joy and practical benefits of yoga are open to everyone.

About James
Originally from Yorkshire, James is an internationally renound teacher of yoga and applied yoga philosophy.
James is known globally for his storytelling, his rich kirtans, deep meditations, principle-based approach to asana/natural movement and for bringing the timeless wisdom of the traditional scriptural teachings vividly into the context of our lives today. He has been teaching for over twenty years, teaching yoga since 2003 and leading integrated programs on applied yoga philosophy around the world since 2009. James studied Sanskrit in India and regularly returns to Mysore, South India where he completed his MA in Sanskrit, to lead courses on the Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras and Indian Mythology.
More about James: http://www.jamesboagyoga.com/

*Early booking £150.00 for the 3 days (Lunch, tea and nibbles included).
(From April £160.00)
*Day session: £75.00 (including lunch)
*Afternoon session: £38.00 (including tea and nibbles)
*Kirtan evening: £18 including tea and nibbles.

– In order to guarantee the event we must have 10 confirmed by the end of March, so don’t delay!!

This will be a very special event, as we can fit only a small number of students, which makes it a lot more personal. You will be in the middle of nature at Yoga Frog Sanctuary and if we are blessed with a sunny weekend there is promisse of outdoors yoga and camp fire.

For bookings or enquieries:
email: info@yogafrog.co.uk
Phone: 07986 108126

PS: More information about the specific subjects for each day is coming up soon.

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