Diary of a yogini – It is OK to be…

I remember driving Elijah to school one day feeling amazing and thinking “I feel so good, I wish I could feel like this all the time! I don’t want it to finish.” As soon as the thought passed a fear began to creep up, subconsciously spoiling the feeling already.

As yogins we need to be constantly aware that nothing lasts, nothing stays the same. Impermanence is a certainty and there is no going back!

As the Buddha taught us: clinging to anything is one of the major causes of suffering. In my case, clinging to ‘feeling good’ undoubtedly would cause me to suffer at some point, because we can’t feel good all the time if we are attached to some emotions and not others.

Today I woke up and I felt down. I might try to listen to a nice mantra, or clean the dishes, cook, eat, sleep, distract myself away from the feeling. And I often do that, we all do it! But you know what? Today, IT IS OK! It is OK to feel this way, it is OK to be sad, tired, angry, guilty, unhappy, whatever is… When we acknowledge the feeling and allow it to be there, we observe without being attached to it with the certainty that it will also go away, because we know that nothing stays the same, everything changes.

We are here to experience life, whatever it is. To learn and grow from our experiences and to become an expression of our true self, which is the only unchangeable ‘thing’ that there is.


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