Disconnect to Reconnect!

When we fist moved to Yoga Frog Sanctuary we did not have internet for about a month…  AND IT WAS GREAT!

Ali and I hung out a lot more, we spent quality time with the kids. Quite often we did not do anything much, we just hanged out.

Then internet came… Our window to the world was back – it was good. The screen, our magic mirror through which everything everywhere can be seen, became a focal point again.

But just as it gives, so it takes… because it needs your attention in order to give you all that information. Fairly soon we were ‘hooked in’ again. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Emails, posts, business, bla bla bla.

It becomes so addictive! We are constantly searching for things. And when we have ‘nothing’ to do, we pick up the phone automatically and “zombie out”. I know, because I do it, and now that I am aware of it I am doing my best to stop this behavior.

So, we decided we should disconnect more often, to reconnect, with our family, with nature, with friends and with ourselves. And we did! WE ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! We loved it so much that we decided to spread the word and get more people to join us, more people to ‘disconnect to reconnect’.

What to do: choose a day to disconnect, in our case a Thursday (Ali has the day off), on Wednesday night we turn off the wifi and turn back on only on the Friday. If you find this challenging to do, you probably need it more than anyone!

Things to do on your disconnect day:
*Simply hang out,
*Play games,
*Go for walks,
*Play music,
*Visit Friends/Family
*Make love,
*Be in nature,
*Practice yoga,
*Cook a meal,
*Let yourself be free.

This is a ‘Yoga Frog’ and ‘Vida by Pollyana’ initiative.
Inspiring people to: DISCONNECT TO RECONNECT.


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