Diary of a yogini – Thank you.

This morning we had a beautiful yoga session.
Recently I have been questioning if teaching yoga is really what I want to be doing just now, and if so how effective I am sharing my intention with this practice (I believe that this happens to all of us, in all that we do. Sometimes we question, and that is healthy).
So this morning I was reminded why I love teaching.
The fact that I can guide people through the practice and help them to connect with something which is bigger then themselves, to feel the expansion of their whole beings into something greater, to see their smiles at the end of the session, when no one wants to leave to room or better, to leave ‘that feeling’ behind; and to be sharing that feeling is trully fulfilling, is what I am here to do. 🙂
I teach you so you can have not only a healthy body, but a healthy life.
THANK YOU for sharing yoga with me, and for inspiring me.
I am forever grateful.
Namaste ❤
PS: Here is the lovely audio we listened at the end of our Savasana.


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