Diary of a yogini – Me Time.

After 8 years of marriage and mumhood I am finally going on a trip all by myself!!!

Before being a mum I would go anywhere by myself. One thought and I was there! But over the past 8 years I have given myself to taking care of my boys, the house and my gorgeous husband, but the problem here is: I have neglected myself. I have put others needs before my needs ALL THE TIME for so long now that I now feel guilty for doing something which is only for me. I see this a lot with mums who come on day retreats at the Yoga Frog sanctuary so if you are a mum you probably understand what I am saying.

I am going to Berlin for a weekend of yoga with Meghan Currie. One weekend in which I won’t be a mum or a wife. I will be Polly! I feel excited, and a bit scared about it. I will probably feel guilty once I leave my boys behind (I always feel that). But I realize that it is important to give myself the time and space I need to replenish so I can be my best for myself and for those around me.

It is time to ‘fill my cup’ so I can give to others without depleting myself.

Wish me all the best and a good time.


Pollyana Caldas Xavier Leaver

PS: keep your eyes open for updates on my trip and discover what Meghan is up to on our Facebook page (Yoga Frog and Pollyana) and on Instagram (Yoga Frog and VidabyPollyana).

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