My Anchor.

This past week I have been feeling a bit flat, low & lacking in emotional support.
Being a mum of 2 energetic boys, a busy housewife, and a yoga teacher I find it challenging to create time for myself to be a woman, to be Polly.

On Sunday I left everything and went for a walk, up the hill I went.

I took my time to be, to ponder, to understand. I thought of my family and loved ones far away, in Brazil. I thought of my life here in the UK. I thought of the people I could go and talk to. And then a thought came to my mind.
“I want my mum” she is far.
“My dad!” also far away.
“My sister? My brother?” All in Brazil.
“My friends?” busy, resting (Sunday morning) or far away.
Another thought…
“Family, friends, husband… they are all impermanent, they might not be there exactly when you want/need, they may not be in a state of mind to give you the necessary support. They sometimes are the ones who let you down.”
Following these thoughts I had this image of a lost child running from one to the other trying to find comfort and then I realized, although having people to talk to is really important the most important thing is to be able to go inwards and to connect with the unchangeable within us, our God Consciouness which is always there for us.

When we take time daily to stop and be with ourselves (meditation), we start to create a deeper relationship with our essence. We create a strong anchor which lies deep within, we then start to understand that on the surface there my be strong storms, big waves, but deep in the ocean things remain calm and steady.

Yoga, my anchor.

Pollyana Caldas Xavier Leaver

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