Happy Diwali


Today is a New Years Celebration in many parts of India.
If you want to take part in this celebration there are a few things you can do:
*clean your home of any old dust or clutter as a mirror of your own inner process at the close of the year.
(It is a time for renewal)
*Take time to pamper yourself. Have a nice bath with rose petals, essential oils, epsom salts, etc. You can also do abianga (self massage with warm oil). It is a time to reconnect with your inner beauty, the true beauty of the Self. Time to be grateful for the many blessings in our lives
*In the evening light candles in each room of your house, as a triumph of the spirit, goodwill, and sacred space.
lakshmi-goddess-of-fortune-vishnudas-artNow it is also a time to connect with the energetic representation of Maa Lakshimi. (It is important to understand that we are not worshiping any God, we are simply connecting with the symbolic representation of Lakshimi).
For us yoga practitioners, Lakishimi can represent the inner beauty which arises as we deepen in our yoga practice. Blessings, abundance, prosperity are also related to this Goddess, and will also arise as we keep on the path of yoga.
“Lakshmi or Sri is the creative abundance of life, the essential prosperity of a cellular realization of the creative potentiality beyond form but present in the ripening fullness of every aspect of creation from the lustrous beauty to the fullness. Hence, in short form Lakshmi is described as the “the Goddess of wealth, fortune, love and beauty, the lotus flower and fertility”. Her earliest invocations are found in the Rg Veda as Sri and in the later addition to the Vedas in a hymn to her power, the Sri Suktam.
As the embodiment of fortune and prosperity, she is somewhat analogous to the Greco-Roman Aphrodite or Venus, as her form is imbued with fullness, sensuality eroticism as the great myth of her emergence the “Samudra Mathan”. As she who is “borne of the sea”, she mirrors the visions of Venus emerging from the ocean.”
(You can join a Diwali – Lakishimi sadana on http://www.yogaalchemy.com/courses/lakshmi-diwali-course )

Chant the mantra  Om Shreem MahaLakshimey Namaha to resonate with Lakshimi’s energy.

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