Radical Self-Care

Over the course of the last year I created this simple yet deeply nourishing self care mindset and routine for myself through trial and error in response to the realisation that stress and anxiety were causing me to be ill.

My aim is to share what i found with you, to create a circle of support with like minded women, and to facilitate the blossoming of your calm inner self.

I will also provide you with the home made products that i created and used throughout this process. In this time of rush, stress and pressure it is time for radical self care!


This is an event where I am bringing together many of the skills I have to learned through the years to help you begin your journey towards radical Self-care & Self-Love, leading you to becoming a self-empowered woman.

By joining me you will have access to four circles focusing on self-care, a private facebook group where we can support each other on our journeys, weekly card readings & weekly yoga sessions. You will learn how to create your own rituals, do self-massage, follow the cycles of the moon and receive various skills/tools to add to your self-care routine. AND you will receive a deliciously nourishing Self-Care Pack all made by myself from delicious raw natural products – worth £50!!

The sooner you join the more you will get from it!


  • Circle Themes:

1-Self-Love, Befriending the self.

2-The power of ‘NO’.

3-Filling your cup.

4-Personal responsibility.

*All circles will be recorded and shared in the Facebook group, so you can catch up in case you miss it.

  • Circle dates: (via Zoom)

Feb: Sat 13th, 9:30am-11:30am.

Sat 27th, 9:30am-11:30am.

Mar: Sat 13th, 9:30am-11:30am.

Sat 27th, 9:30am-11:30am.

  • Yoga Sessions: (via Zoom)

Mondays 7:30pm – 9pm

(starting first of Feb! – The sooner you join the sooner you can start!)

A very gentle yoga session suitable to all levels. A slow flow followed by delicious stretches to make you feel deeply rested and nourished.

  • Self-care pack:

-1 Body Butter;

-1 Facial Oil;

-Mud mask

-Epson Salts

-4 Bath Melters

-2 Bath Bombs

-1 gel eye mask

Investment: £158.00

(Special introductory offer!)

Payments via Bank Transfer, please get in touch for details.

Payment via Paypal – Click on the Button (it includes £4 booking fee)

*In order to get the scrumptious Self-Care Pack out to you on time, please book as soon as possible!

My Story

This past year has been a breakthrough for me.

I finally stopped, I finally realised how much of myself I was giving away and how broken I have become.

A mother of two energetic boys, running my own business, taking care of my home and my family I missed out on the most important person, MYSELF.

In the past 10 years I’ve completely forgotten who I am without all the roles I have to perform: mum, friend, wife, yoga teacher, daughter… and the list goes on!

I had forgotten who Pollyana is, and that sucks!

How could I have let this happen?

How could I have lost track of my own desires, things I want to do, things that give me pleasure and fill my soul with joy, happiness and laughter?

Beyond that – I was getting sick! Years of abdominal pain, gastrointestinal issues and back pain with no detectable physical cause… Fatigue, mood swings… symptoms which seemed to be related to my stress levels but were always there.

As the year went on, and all these things came up to the surface I started healing, taking timeout, resting and the more I rested the more I needed to rest. I needed to go inwards, stop and create space for myself just to be, honouring myself and my needs.

It hasn’t been easy, but definitely necessary, I was feeling burnt out, fragile and broken. Something had to be done about it, otherwise I would breakdown and become unable to give any support to my family, friends and yoga students.

The solution?


“Self-care is not a matter of “care for yourself instead of others, nor care for yourself once you have finished caring for others. It is not even care for yourself before caring for others. It is just self-care. We complicate things too much in our minds. It’s simply about respecting your own needs and desires.”

~Dr David Hamilton

I have become deeply committed to my own self-care, it is a very important part of my life now and it is has made a huge difference.

Self-care is helping me to be aware of my own needs, to befriend myself. Self-care is the very root of self-love and self acceptance.

Self-care is teaching me to say no and to create healthy boundaries around my time and energy. I am replenishing myself to such an extent that I am most of the time giving from a overflowing cup – instead of an exhausted almost empty cup.

Self-care is about self-responsibility, being in control and in charge of our lives. It is about taking responsibilities for our own thoughts and feelings.

I am looking forward to dive into a Radical Self-Care Journey with you!

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