Be Yourself.

Are you ready to become the most AUTHENTIC Soulful version of yourself?

Your Soul is calling you back home.

Your Soul wants you to shine.

Your Soul can’t wait to be expressed.

Why do you keep on leaving yourself behind?
It is time to change the story and start anew.
It is time to BE YOURSELF.

“The denial of our divine nature leads us to endless searches outside of ourselves. We look to others to feel love. We look something outside of ourselves to worship. We wait for people to give us permission to shine or feel whole and complete.
Love, light, wisdom, happiness, and wholeness are available to you ‘on tap’ at every moment because they are what you are at your core. And they are waiting for you to let them in.”
~Rebecca Campbell.

The intention of this program is to boost your confidence and to help you to shine your light into the world and in doing so help others to do the same.


By joining me you will be invited to join 4 circles, 1 council gathering and guest speakers!
In the program we will work with the concepts of Soul and Ego, Light and Shadow and explore all the layers that you have built upon yourself to keep your light small and dim just to fit in.

We will be connecting via zoom calls and via a Facebook group where we will support and celebrate each other as we unravel ourselves.


  • 5 circles.
  • 2 coaching sessions with guest teachers.
  • 1 council gathering.
  • Card reading.
  • Guest speakers.

*All sessions will be via zoom. They will be recorded and shared in the Facebook group, so you can catch up in case you miss it.

  • Dates for your calendar: 


Thurs 15th: 7pm – 9pm
Tues 20th: 6:30pm – 8:30pm.
Thurs 22nd: 1pm – Ruth Ramsay
7pm – 9pm, Circle.
Tues 27th: 6:30pm – 8:30pm.
Thurs 29th: 7pm – 9pm.

Tues 3rd: 6:30 – 8:30pm.

Be Yourself In Bed – with sex and intimacy coach Ruth Ramsay

Bed may be the place we are literally the most naked with another person… but where we hide who we truly are. We may morph into a combination of who we feel a partner, our primary caregivers, and culture wants us to be. We may not even be sure who we actually are.

Getting in touch with ourselves erotically can be hugely empowering. The sexual satisfaction and shift in our energies this can bring, can be fuel for being ourselves in our lives outside the bedroom too.

In this 60 minute presentation, Ruth will help you understand where blocks to accessing your true erotic self may be coming from, some first steps to dismantling them, and the benefits in store if we give our sexual selves the attention they deserve.

Bring a journal and pen! There will be no compulsory sharing, and you can have cameras on or off.

Ruth is a sex and intimacy coach, striptease teacher and award-winning campaigner for erotic rights. Her life’s mission is the recognition of erotic energy as a powerful force for good.

Connect with Ruth on Instagram and website.

This program is for:

  • Anyone who wants to feel and express themselves fully.
  • You if you feel that you are not living your life to its fullest.
  • Those who want to live a vibrant life.
  • People who are engaged in self-exploration.
  • You if you feel like to you are hiding parts of yourself.
  • You if you feel like there is more to life.

If you are tired of living a life that is not in alignment with your core desires this program is definitely for you!

Goes up to £120 on the 6th of July!

About me, Pollyana:

I have always been the one that didn’t conform, the black sheep, the crazy one, the one who pushes the boundaries, the one who loved adventures and fun.

I grew up in a small country town in southwest Brazil.
I spent most of my time bare foot, playing outside.
I remember always deeply caring for the Earth and the animals.
Life presented many challenges to me, but they made me a resilient woman.

After travelling around the world for many years and enjoying my freedom I became pregnant.

Moving to UK and becoming a wife and mother caused a severing of my connection to the land and my wild self as I put my full attention on others and forgot about myself.
Two years ago I slowly started remembering who I was, I heard the faint call of the wild. I started remembering my true nature, the things I loved doing, the things that sparkled and inspired me.
Without knowing it I was going back home to myself.

Last year I engaged deeply with self-care and that lead me to my core, to nature, to the things I love doing. Through self-care I started rewilding and found myself being drawn to Soul – to my place in the world.

I now offer this program as a doorway to your Soul, a place for you to explore the aspects of yourself that might have been forgotten and/or neglected. This is a safe space, a circle where we will support each other as we remember who we are at our core.

The time to BE YOURSELF is NOW!

With love,

Yoga teacher, circle holder, reiki practitioner, massage therapist, nature lover, truth seeker and Wild Woman.


“My love for yoga to heal my body daily has come from the deepening practice that Polly shares. I always leave feeling strong, content and at peace. She has a soul that connects within. 
Just recently I attended Pollys programme Radical Self Care and Born to Be Wild – Wow it blew my mind open – reconnecting with other women. Taking me into a new journey. Thank you to all you women. Keep doing what we all shared and learned. My own has helped me to focus on I for a while or maybe forever….:)) thank you to Polly and gorgeous women!!!!
I look forward to another group one day. Long may we connect.”

~Leanne Haining

“Born to be Wild, This is the second time I have journeyed with Pollyana. The circles were a pleasure, everyone treated with respect and given a chance to speak their truth, Pollyanna led with patience, compassion and humour. It has helped me to become more honest and understanding of myself. I think that anyone taking part in a programme with Pollyana will benefit.”

~Catherine Drysdale

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