We are a family of yogis based in the Scottish Borders.

Our personal journeys in yoga began in a very similar way by chance.

An interest in eastern philosophies and love of a good stretch led us to our first class. And walking home from that first class feeling light and somehow very different we each knew that we had found something special.

Many stretches and lots of ‘Oms’ later we both decided that it was time to deepen our own practice and to begin to help others discover what we had found from our personal experience of the physical, mental and emotional benefits of hatha yoga.

We are becoming more and more focused in living the yogic philosophy, we are engaged in a healthy lifestyle and aware of how we impact the world around just by the way we live. We love our lives, with the challenges and lessons that we come across every day.

We are thankful for every given moment and we wish to share our love and passion for yoga with others!

Enjoy the journey… 🙂


Alistair, Pollyana, Elijah & Rowan

Yogi Family Xavier Leaver yoga frog Bali asanas pontypridd south wales UK



Yoga Ali Yoga frog asana namaste
An instant love of yoga at the age of 18, Alistair quickly found his practice deepening, leading to his teacher training in Australia at 24 years old. Having participated in classes around the world and taught in various classes in New Zealand and Scotland, Alistair teaches in a style that pays tribute to the ancestry of yoga whilst making it accessible to a modern audience.

“The feeling of transformation encourages me to practise yoga with Yoga Frog. Ali and Polly teach in such a way that they create an energetic, vibrant environment with their smiling faces that i feel i am transforming that energy into me to practice the wondedful exercices of mind and soul!” – Madhu Dev


IMG_20140728_114139Hailing from the West of Brazil, Pollyana is a vibrant and sensitive teacher and practitioner of yoga. Polly specializes in pregnancy and kids Yoga where her enthusiasm and love of fun makes yoga child’s play! She is also a trained masseuse and reiki practitioner.

“Polly is a burning fire. She radiates happiness, confidence and playfulness in her classes, while at the same time keeping you focused and safe. Her sparkling attitude is highly contagious!”  – Stian Bake

Read more testimonials here

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