Category: Diary of a Yogini

My Anchor.

This past week I have been feeling a bit flat, low & lacking in emotional support. Being a mum of 2 energetic boys, a busy housewife, and a yoga teacher I find it challenging to create time for myself to be a woman, to…

Disconnect to reconnect

WE ARE OFF!!! Once more the wee Yoga Frog family is taking a weekend away, disconnecting from outside influences to spend some quality time together. Whilst living in our Sanctuary we took time out, turned off the internet and made the point to reconnect…

Diary of a yogini – Me Time.

#Polly #Yoga Frog # Bali

After 8 years of marriage and mumhood I am finally going on a trip all by myself!!! Before being a mum I would go anywhere by myself. One thought and I was there! But over the past 8 years I have given myself to…

What if…

#lifecouch #health #lifestyle #selflove

How many times I thought… “If I were just a little bit taller, If I could loose just a little bit more weight, if my eyebrows were a bit thicker, If my cheek were a bit smaller and my boobs a bit bigger…” If,…

Disconnect to Reconnect!

When we fist moved to Yoga Frog Sanctuary we did not have internet for about a month…  AND IT WAS GREAT! Ali and I hung out a lot more, we spent quality time with the kids. Quite often we did not do anything much,…

Diary of a yogini – It is all about how YOU feel.

This morning after my yoga practice I sat to meditate. I connected with that feeling of spaciousness within and allowed my mind to quieten. But of course thoughts came and went, sensations arose and fell away. Many times a desire to stop meditating came…

A Pregnant Yogini – Diary of a Yogini, Day 8.

My dear yoginis, yogis and friends… As some of you know already, I am pregnant. 🙂 The baby is now 18 weeks, the belly is growing fast and we are happy. The first trimester was a bit rough; hormones changing, thoughts going all over…

“I Just do Yoga…” – Dairy of a Yogini, Day 7.

Shiva Yoga frog destroier

The other day I was talking to a friend about our upcoming Spring Yoga Workshop in Galashiels, Scotland and was telling him that the workshop would involve Mantras, Mudras, Pranayama, Meditation… He said to me “I just do Yoga, I don’t do all that…

The Ripple Effect, Diary of a Yogini – Day 6

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day here in south Wales… Elijah and I decided that it would be nice to get the pushbike and go to the park. On our way we saw this group of 6 or so teenagers walking around, having fun….

On The Razor’s Edge – Dairy of a Yogini, Day 5.

It is becoming more common to find on the internet “sexy” yoginis trying desperately to market themselves on youtube, Instagram, facebook and so on… all the social media outlets are flooded with sexy images of woman practicing yoga. I am not here to say…

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