Diary of a Yogini, Day 4 – Yoga, My love story

My friend Dawn asked me the other day about my yoga story and I got hooked. Well, I think that this is a nice question and today I shall share my love for yoga with you. At the end of my teens in Brazil, when I was starting to discover that there was more to […]

Diary of a Yogini, Day 3 – On my way to health :)

So, I have already recognized that I am stressed. What a great step! When we struggle with something we need to recognize it first so that, in the light of consciousness, we can properly deal with it. Now it cannot hide from me anymore… cheeky! My first action was to really pay attention to my […]

Diary of a Yogini, Day 2 – Me stressed?! Never…

The idea of being stressed had surfaced in my mind from time to time, but I did not think that I could actually be “stressed”. How could I be stressed? I practice yoga daily, I eat well, I meditate…Surely I should be the epitome of chill? Ok, so I am also taking care of my […]

Diary of a Yogini – Day 1

It has been 8 years since I started practicing yoga and although it makes my life easier in so many ways, it seems like life has become more challenging in many many other ways. When we see yogis/yoginis always standing tall, smiling, ready to help… we might think that they have all that they want and […]