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Disconnect to Reconnect!

When we fist moved to Yoga Frog Sanctuary we did not have internet for about a month… ¬†AND IT WAS GREAT! Ali and I hung out a lot more, we spent quality time with the kids. Quite often we did not do anything much,…


Yoga instagram Hand stands philosophy

Did you know that yoga is all about doing hand stands, putting your feet behind your head and showing off your skills on instagram? HAHAHAHA! Just kidding. ūüėČ What yoga has to offer is much more then that. There are many teachers, many styles…..

Special Yoga Immersion with James Boag – Unique Opportunity!

We are so excited to bring James Boag to the Borders.¬†It will be truly amazing! ¬†@Yoga Frog Sanctuary, Yarrowford, TD7 5NA.¬† Date: 12th, 13th, 14th of May, 2017. ¬£160.00 for full weekend. (only 6 spaces available) Contact us by¬†email¬†or at¬†our Facebook Page. ***Unique opportunity!***…

Yoga Frog

  Yoga Frog is changing… We have learned,¬†matured and¬†grown… At this new stage of our lives we need to say good bye to the old and open space for the new. Life is giving us its blessing every day and we are thankful! As…

FlowYin Yoga

YOga Frog Hip Opening

Yoga Frog is coming back to the Scottish Borders! To start off we are offering a course of 5 weeks based on Hip Opening postures. The class will be based on a mix of a slow Flow and Yin Yoga, with great emphasis on…

Comfort Zone

You know those moments when the only thing you want to do is to put your head in the earth and disappear? When your are so self conscious that you don’t know what to do with yourself and everything you do just feels super…

We like OM!

In our yogafrog classes we always like to chant Om… But why is that? Om, or Aum is a mantra, or vibration, that is traditionally chanted at the beginning and end of yoga sessions. It is said to be the sound of the universe….

The half-smile

Not long ago I finished reading a great book which Ali gave to me. The book is called “The Cave In The Snow”, and it tells the story of a female¬†buddhist monk who lived in a cave for 12 years. There is a chapter…

What is Asana?

Asana is the sanskrit term for a body position which can allow and create special mental effects and changes… With the¬†practice of asana we become aware of what is, of what sensations exist right now in the body and the corresponding thoughts that exist…

Anti-stress yoga!

Esta √© uma sess√£o de yoga anti-stress, concentrando-se na respira√ß√£o. Tenha certeza de que voc√™ se sente confort√°vel em todas as posi√ß√Ķes, se algo n√£o sente certo/bom melhor n√£o fazer! Voc√™ deve estar respirando profundamente, e se voc√™ sentir que a respira√ß√£o n√£o esta…

The Power of the Breath.

yoga pranayama breath asana yoga frog relax stress

When teaching yoga I am becoming more and more concerned with the quality of breath of my class participants. Yoga offers us a great opportunity to explore the quality of the breath and our breathing patterns. We should be able to breath fully and…

Pregnancy Yoga

yoga pregnancy frog church village salem chapel tonteg pontypridd

Future mums! Interested in entering motherhood with a stronger connection with your body and with your baby? Pregnancy yoga will prepare your body for labour & a faster recovery after birth. It will help develop stamina, strength & flexibility, and relieve tension of lower…

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