What is Asana?

What is Asana?

Asana is the sanskrit term for a body position which can allow and create special mental effects and changes… With the practice of asana we become aware of what is, of what sensations exist right now in the body and the corresponding thoughts that exist in the mind. This awareness puts us in touch with emotions […]

Anti-stress yoga!

Esta é uma sessão de yoga anti-stress, concentrando-se na respiração. Tenha certeza de que você se sente confortável em todas as posições, se algo não sente certo/bom melhor não fazer! Você deve estar respirando profundamente, e se você sentir que a respiração não esta tranquila, lembre-se the focar na respiração profunda. Esta sessão é perfeitamente […]

The Power of the Breath.

The Power of the Breath.

When teaching yoga I am becoming more and more concerned with the quality of breath of my class participants. Yoga offers us a great opportunity to explore the quality of the breath and our breathing patterns. We should be able to breath fully and smoothly when practicing yoga. The breath should be our guide, if […]

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Future mums! Interested in entering motherhood with a stronger connection with your body and with your baby? Pregnancy yoga will prepare your body for labour & a faster recovery after birth. It will help develop stamina, strength & flexibility, and relieve tension of lower back, hips, chest, upper back, neck and shoulders. It calms the mind […]

Yoga for The lymphatic System

I was looking for a yoga class on Youtube for the lymphatic system, couldn’t find anything attractive for me to do, until I realized that my own class would do a great job! Awesome! I have made a class good for the lymphatic system without realizing it! So, for the first time I did my […]

Parsvottanasana – Intense Side Stretch Pose

This is quite a challenging asana, as we teach it we can see how eager everyone is to touch the knee with the forehead, always remember “it does not matter how far you go, but who you are when you get there”. Keep it comfortable and enjoy it.

Yoga para iniciantes e alongamento para Muay Thai

Sao 20 min de alongamentos feito para ela e os parceiros do Muay Thai. A pratica continua vai ajudar com chutes mais altos e musculos mais relaxados. Espero que voces gostem e que essa sequencia de alongamentos os ajudem no seu treino. Comentarios construtivos sao muito bem vindos. Namaste! Pollyana QUER UMA AULA DE YOGA […]

Virabhadrasana II – Warrior II

This is one of my favorite asanas. We stand strong, like warriors, but keep the heart open, the brath has space to flow freely… So delicious! Explore your asana, deepen in your virabhadrasana II.

Vinyasa Yoga – Follow your breath.

Join Polly for a delicious yoga practice. Make sure you respect your body and breath deeply. Intermediate to advanced.