We believe that Yoga can provide not only a strong and flexible body, but a more complete and fulfilling life.

Yoga is a complete system which aids us to live a more conscious life, fully present in the moment. Yoga take us on a wonderful and challenging journey to the Self. It helps us to break through unwanted mental patterns, make conscious choices about our lives and the way we want to live them, and it empower us in many different levels of our being.

In our classes we are inspired to guide our students inwards through the practice of asanas. We also challenge and invite them to come out of their comfort zone so the practice is more practical and will have results well beyond those on the mat.

The style of each session will vary according to the students, it might be an invigorating strong session or a soothing yummy one. We incorporate in our classes partner yoga, massage, visualization, therapeutic exercises, meditation, mindfullness through breathing and – very important – fun!

We teach from our hearts, giving our best for those who come to us. We aim to inspire others to join us on a journey to meet our souls true desire, to become one with the whole, to feel connected, to feel great!!!

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