We value the feedback of those who practice yoga with us. Here’s just some recent testimonials we’ve been given.

“The feeling of transformation encourages me to practice yoga with Yoga Frog. Ali and Polly teach in such a way that they create an energetic, vibrant environment with their smiling faces that i feel i am transforming that energy into me to practice the wonderful exercises of mind and soul!” – Madhu Dev

“Polly is a highly knowledgeable and inspiring teacher. Her classes are creative and influenced by various disciplines, my favorite being dance. You’ll be charmed by her warmth and approachability. Just when I thought, I couldn’t extend any further, Polly came by to give me corrections that made my arms go soaring toward my feet. My only gripe is that the hour went by fast and left me wanting more.” – Persiana Burns

“Thank you so much for everything. You gave me so much healing, both physically and emotionally in the past 7-8 months. I will miss you very much.” – Kinga

“Thank you Polly, I have thoroughly enjoyed your classes, they have contributed to management of my daily stress and improved my wellbeing. “

“Yoga Frog teachers are motivated, responsible and have a technique that allows you to feel relax and in a good shape! They love what they do and are also happy to share with you good recipes, ecological advice… 😉 Have fun! I am sure you will!” – Yehina Sequeira

“Pollyanna and Alistair do amazing yoga classes suitable for all abilities, would highly recommend them. I wouldn’t have become a yoga teacher myself if it wasn’t for their inspiration. You go guys! ” – Charlotte Owen

“I discovered yoga frog in my final year of university, I had never practiced yoga before so was a little anxious, but I have to say, without my weekly classes, there’s not a chance that I would have got through uni as well as I did. I truly believe I have yoga frog to thank! So THANK YOU SO MUCH, for your support with my poses and your support outside of classes too! You’re a truly beautiful human being and I cannot thank you enough! Just wish there were more classes! I don’t feel comfortable going to anyone else’s classes so attempt to do it at home now! Everyone should try at least one class… You’ll be addicted I guarantee!!” – Sammy Hamilton

“Yoga Frog teachers are fantastic. Polly and Ali are encouraging, fun and incorporate great breathing techniques and postures in their classes. Their love and passion for yoga inspired me to become a yoga teacher myself, which I would not have done without them! Great all round 🙂 ” – Jessica Gordon

“We set up the University Yoga society together, and honestly they were the best teachers we could have asked for. Ali & Polly were positive and motivating and inspired me to do my YTTC after I graduated. The classes were strong and uplifting and I looked forward to practicing with Polly and Ali every week – they really helped me through my last 2 years of university when I was getting stressed with work. Thank you for being wonderful teachers! Om om om!” – Izzy Kukuti

Get in touch for more testimonials or any information you need about us or our classes.

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