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Mindfulness & Yoga Mini Retreat

 @Yoga Frog Sanctuary

Date: 13th August, 2017.
Time: 9:30am – 3:30pm.

£45  – Including Lunch.

‘Yoga Frog’ and ‘Mindfullness skills4Life’ are coming together to create an uplifting day of Mindful Yoga.

Some people consider Mindfulness and Yoga as distinct practices, however, they share many common features.

“We spend much of our lives on auotmatic pilot, reacting poorly to life’s challenges and missing out of the ‘good’ stuff. Mindfulness is a way of training the mind to be present, so that you are truly connected (by way of the mind, the senses and the body) to whatever is happening, as it happens and less distracted by unhelpful habits of mind.” ~ Sandra McCutcheon

“Practicing yoga is a tool that sharpens the mind so that you can see reality clearly. It is not simply a stretching routine that helps you get in shape and limber up. In essence, the yoga practice seeks to answer the question of what defines the present moment and help root your consciousness directly within it.” ~ Pollyanna Caldas Xavier Leaver

In our *Mini Retreat* we will explore how to practice yoga mindfully and experience a range of mindfulness-based practices both of which underpin our intention to cultivate wellbeing and rest. The day is suitable for beginners or those with a little more experience of yoga and / or mindfulness

We hope to enjoy a silent exploration in the tranquil grounds of Yoga Frog Sanctuary and savour connecting with like-minded people.

Investment for the day: £45 which incldues delicious, healthy, food lovingly prepared by Pollyana. (£20 non-refundable, deposit with the balance collected on the day).

This will be an intimate retreat and places are limited.

Please contact Pollyana (by mesaging her or Yoga Frog) to take your retreat seat.

love and warm wishes,
Pollyana and Sandra x

Weekend Immersion With James Boag

 @Selkirk, Scottish Borders
Date: 6th-8th October, 2017.

£170 for the 3 days, including my delicious food!
£75 for a day (including lunch and afternoon tea)
£38 for single session (includes one meal)

Yoga and the Whole of Our lives – Sustainable Development and Preparing to be Spontaneous

Honouring the breadth and inclusivity of the holistic yoga method, we will explore through a range of complimentary lenses, including movement, meditation, song, inquiry, and discussion. This weekend will also feature live storytelling and interpretation from the heart of the Indian Tradition.
As James reminds us, yoga is about preparing to be spontaneous! The descriptions below give an indication of the overall flow of our time together.

Friday 6th October 6:00-8:30pm
Opening Satsang with Live Storytelling
We will gather in a circle and begin our inquiry together. This opening session may involve some movement exercises, sound work and discussion. We will also use the lens of myth, story and symbol to establish a strong frame of inquiry for our explorations together, as we consider themes of initiation and renewal, inclusivity and forgiveness.

Saturday 7th October 9:00-17:00
9:00am-12noon: Yogic movement exploration Yoga āsana as training for life: we will explore principles of healthy, nourishing movement and how we can use our time working with physical yoga practices to support ease and steadiness through the spectrum of our daily lives. In particular, we will look at rehabilitating, reinforcing, and refining healthy neuro-muscular patterns and efficient kinetic chains through the body for safe, easy and effective movement in daily life and in more demanding movement activities.
approx. 12-2: delicious lunch and break,
2:00-5:00: Integrated afternoon exploration: Inquiry, discussion, meditation and kirtan.
Continuing our exploration of yoga as the practical school of Indian Philosophy that works with the whole spectrum of our human experience. We will further explore practical application of the principles of initiation, inclusivity and forgiveness and sustainable development from a yogic perspective.

Sunday 8th October 10:00-16:00
10:00-12:30 Morning Movement Exploration: In this session, we will continue our exploration of the technologies of haṭha yoga applied to broad spectrum movement, and as means to cultivate robust health and sustainable, balanced energy in the context of our daily lives.
12:30-2:00 lunch and break
2:00-4:00 Closing satsang session with discussion, kirtan and meditation.

***Spaces will fill up so, make sure you book yours if you want to join us!

A testimonial from our previous yoga immersion:
“I wasn’t sure what to expect but I felt deeply compelled to attend this past weekend and I’m so glad I listened to my intuition. James has a unique and fascinating way of making one understand the seemingly complex teachings of yogic philosophy in such a way that after the weekend was up I felt enabled to take all that I had learned and apply it to my life. I leaned that yoga is in everything that I do and just by having and holding that awareness I can bring abundance and harmony into my everyday actions and thus into the world. I especially liked the breakdown and meaning of the warrior pose as well as the metaphorical warrior within. The singing I felt illuminated my spirit and radiated out in a way I’ve never experienced before. Thank you Polly and Ali for opening up your beautiful home for all of us, the delicious food and general feeling of being welcomed really touched my heart. I’m also grateful for meeting all you beautiful yogis and yoginis who attend this weekend with me, what an amazing group of people and I will treasure this experience always as it’s shifted something so positive and profound within me. ”

Contact us by email or at our Facebook Page.

For bookings or enquieries:
Phone: 07986 108126


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