Fresh Fruit breakfastWhen I was a young girl I ate a lot of junk food. I wasn’t aware of the effects that food had on me.

At the age of 21 I became vegetarian and from then on my food choices started to improve. It wasn’t long after that I discovered yoga, and then not only my food habits but my whole life started to change.
Now I am almost 29 and after reading, researching, studying and especially trying different things my whole life has become a lot more healthy and happy. I am more aware of my body and the world around me.
I always say, it is not easy to become a conscious person, there are many changes to make to have a life full of goodness and respectful to Mother Earth and people around us.
As we become more aware of the effects of the food we eat on our body & mind, on our environment and all living beings we start to make better and healthier choices, we stop eating junk/fast food, we stop drinking products that have no nutritional value and instead we choose to eat more salads, whole meal foods, organic stuff, loads of water and fresh juices because you know that they are wholesome and produced in a way that respects nature and ourselves.
It seems to me that there are unconscious and conscious foods. I came to this conclusion by looking at allSuper food smoothie goji berries david wolf the litter that I pick up on the streets and parks where my son plays. I always find packets of crisps, chocolates, cigarette packs and buds, bottles of carbonated drinks and alcohol… They are always around! I don’t think I ever found a pack of 80% chocolate or a “Naked” juice bottle, nor an organic product packaging.
We are what we eat. It amazes me how the act of buying just a simple item can tell a lot about how conscious someone is and how much they care about themselves and nature. We are choosing consciously and enjoying this journey of healthy eating. We hope that you will too.
Pollyana Caldas Xavier Leaver

* Photo: Our freshly picked breakfast!

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