Better late than never!

FullSizeRender (2)The more I see, read and experiment… the more I understand the power and importance of eating a healthy diet.
I know that for a lot of people the amount of money I spend on food and the food habits my family have seems to be crazy, and sometimes I do wonder… Am I?

Elijah, our son, is 4 years old and I have always stressed the importance of feeding him well. I am constantly nagging the extended family not to give him dairy, sugary products, gluten (as he is allergic to it), but I am constantly making healthy and delicious snack for him. Very often I feel like others think I am a mean mama because I do not give him certain “treats”, but I know how harmful those “treats” can be!

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Our family definitely presents a challenge for anyone who wants to feed us, which I used to feel guilty about when I was less certain of what we were doing. But now I know more about nutrition I think it is a very positive thing as we force the people we love to think outside of the box. It’s not such an inconvenience to try different options for food, different ways of preparing a meal and it also makes them wonder… why?

Another point that I keep on bringing up is the importance of eating organic products, Ali and I have often discussed whether it was worth it or not; and we kept coming to the same answer, YES! It is good for us and most important, the Planet. 🙂
The whole reason I am writing this is because I have 3 AWESOME NEWS!!!

1st – UN has released a report saying that small organic farming is the only realistic solution to feed FullSizeRender (3)the world.

“The findings of the report seem to echo those of a December 2010 UN Report in many ways, one that essentially said organic and small-scale farming is the answer for “feeding the world,” not GMOs and monocultures.”

2nd – A study led by the experts of Newcastle University, UK  “has proved that organic crops are up to 69% higher in a number of key antioxidants & have 48% lower concentrations of the toxic heavy metal cadmium, while conventionally grown crops were 400% more likely to have pesticide residues.” Basically they are better for you!

3rd: Milk is not good for you!!!
A large study coming from researchers at the Uppsala University in Sweden found that drinking milk led to an increased mortality rate and actually made bones more prone to fracturing, not less. This is just one of MANY studies that have found similar results (look into it if you are still under the industry sponsored “milk is good for you” illusion!)
( (5)

So, I must say that I am pretty happy to know that we are on the right track! That we are not that weird… And that we are freaking healthy!!! So awesome to see that all these studies are coming out, so good to know that I am not just some crazy fussy eater, that in fact we are leading the way in a revolution towards a healthier and fulfilling life.

Join us in this journey, connect, have fun and make the most of your life!

Pollyana Caldas Xavier Leaver

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