Diary of a Yogini, Day 4 – Yoga, My love story

Polly Warrior 2 asana VirabhadrasanaMy friend Dawn asked me the other day about my yoga story and I got hooked. Well, I think that this is a nice question and today I shall share my love for yoga with you.

At the end of my teens in Brazil, when I was starting to discover that there was more to life than partying, I began to feel attracted to yoga – the physical beauty of the poses, the looks of serenity on the faces of those practicing, the mystic allure of ancient wisdom… I felt that there was something in it for me.  However it wasn’t until I moved to New Zealand in 2007 that I actually got a taste.

Some time before I ever started going to classes in New Zealand I just had a desire to stretch. I remember getting up early before work to stretch, I stretched during lunch breaks… I just kinda of liked doing it. Funnily enough even then it rubbed off on others – some of my colleagues noticed me stretching and joined me, so began my first ‘teaching’ experience! The first official yoga class I went to was a free session at the most beautiful yoga studio ever! It was located on the lake front in Queenstown, after IMG_0424that class I started doing Karma Yoga, cleaning the studio in exchange for classes until I finally started to pay monthly. The more I practiced the more I wanted! I was going to the studio every day, on my days off I would go twice a day! I was 22 years old and I was falling deeply in love with yoga.

One day my teacher met me on the street, we were talking and he knew that I was working a lot to save money to continue my travels, he asked me “Polly, what do you do for fun?” and I naturally said “Yoga”! Yoga was and is a breeze of fresh air in my life, it is fun, challenging, it opens up my heart and my soul; it leads me to “self-realization”. Yoga was slowly changing my life.

Yoga has changed me in so many ways, it helps me delve deeply into my crazy patterns and helps me to solve them by bringing them to the light of consciousness, yoga calms my mind, teaches me the importance of the breath, reconnects me with nature and with others; yoga makes me stronger and flexible; yoga makes me smile, makes my heart fill with joy. Yoga surrounds my life, my soul, my being…

It keeps me young in body and mind – the other day I found my first grey hair and when my 4 year old son asked me why I explained it was because I am getting old. He looked worried and took my hand and said “quickly mum, go and do some yoga!” =)

yoga frog tree pose asanaWhen I finish teaching a yoga session there is this very interesting feeling which rises in my heart, a happiness that almost makes me want to cry, there is love and connection… I am not quite sure what this feeling is, but I think this is pure joy, the soul being happy to have found its purpose. I feel that this is what I was born to be, a Yoga Teacher. I love reading about it, going to yoga classes, I seem to never get enough, there is more and more to learn. There is the sense that I need to be my best so I can give my best to my students. I want them to flourish, to break through their own crazy patters, to discover their own soul purpose. If yoga did so much to me, I am sure that it can help many many people.

So yeah… I don’t think I have chosen yoga, yoga has chosen me.  🙂

Pollyana C X Leaver

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