Shakti Circle

True power arises from an inner feminine source – From Shakti.
~Sally Kemptom

Date: 19th of June
Time: 9am – 11am
Location: A Wee Retreat, Peebles.

“Shakti is the word that describes the Feminine principle energy in the Universe. Going far beyond what our culture has described to us as feminine- Shakti is the creative power behind all existence.
This creative energy was described by the ancient yogis as being feminine in nature, but this energy resides in everyone, as there is a natural androgyny in all humans.”

This is not a usual yoga session, this is a ritual, a ceremony to help you to step in your power, to see the divine in you rather than outside of you.We will celebrate our bodies, our lives and sisterhood.

Through ritual we will create a safe space for us to come together and connect.

We will practice yoga asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techinics) mantra (sound), meditation, contemplation.

This session aims to open you up to your inherent power and to create support for women on a spiritual journey.

What to bring:
*A journal & pen
*Yoga mat
*cushion or bolster to sit on.
*Mala beads (optional)

What to wear:
*Something comfortable that you can practice yoga with.
*Something that makes you feel wonderful!

I am looking forward to starting this journey with you.
With love,

For bank transfer please get in touch.

*Only 4 spaces available.

About me:
My yoga journey started in New Zealand in 2007, since then it has become a fundamental part of my life.
I am a reiki practitioner, massage therapist, and women circle holder.

I am a Brazilian living in the Scottish Borders, mother of 2 boys, married to a Scotsman and a lover of nature.

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