Comfort Zone

Out of Comfort Zone

You know those moments when the only thing you want to do is to put your head in the earth and disappear? When your are so self conscious that you don’t know what to do with yourself and everything you do just feels super awkward?

Yes, you know! I do too!

I am certain that we all pass through situations like that, situations which put us on the edge and makes us either close-in or step out of our comfort zone. These type of situations can be seen as awful or a golden ticket, a step forwards in our evolutionary self. It all depends on how you perceive them. Right?

Out of Comfort Zone

Situations that make you feel like an ostrich are good for you, because they force you out of your shell, they make you find a new way of being, they make you conscious of the moment, the present moment. It is in this moment that you can see who you are, how you act and react to a certain situation. When we invite awkwardness into our lives we become more relaxed with who we are, we don’t judge as much and best of all we learn how to laugh at ourselves.

When teaching yoga we can see the ones that are still closed in, that are not comfortable within themselves and new experiences, they don’t look you in the eye, they try to squeeze  in the back of the room, and they move unsure of themselves.  I love when they come, as I know that they will benefit tremendously from the practice. There are others who have overcome this by learning to laugh at themselves, which is a healthy alternative but can also be used as a means of avoidance. These people tumble and stumble, and often end up laughing in each and every asana that they do, even if they are doing it right! And yes, we also see the ones that are comfortable with whatever comes, they accept the challenges of the asanas, but for them it is ok whether they can do them or not, they experience the practice and try to learn what each asana has to offer physically and mentally.

I like the idea that my yoga sessions are more than an exercise class, for me it is a playground, where I can play with peoples feelings and emotions (and I try!), so they can overcome silly patterns that are hiding in their unique minds. Simple things like finding a partner to do an asana, exchanging massage, hugging, howling (yes, I have done it in a class), shaking, sticking the tong out, chanting… Can really put people on edge. And I love it!

post2I do love my yoga, and all the facets it has.

You know, one day, we shall all be free.


By Pollyana Caldas Xavier Leaver


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