Go Bananas Cake

Gluten and Sugar Free Banana Cake 

5 bananas
1 1/2 cups of raisins
2 cups of oats
2 Tbsp of Baking powder
4 or 3 eggs (make sure that they are organic or from happy hens!)
cinnamon – as much as you want!
Oil to grease the tin (any)


Pre heat the oven at 180C.

1-Grease cake tin.
2-Blend the bananas, eggs and raisins.
4- In a bowl place oats, cinnamon and baking powder.
5-Mix all the ingredients and place them in the cake tin.

Let it in the oven for 40 min, then check by “stabbing” the cake with a knife (hahahaha, stabbing…) , if it comes out clean it is ready otherwise bring the oven temperature down to 160C and leave for a while longer. keep on checking.

*If you want to you can add nuts to the cake.
*Sliced apples can be place in the bottom of the tin with caramelised coconut sugar (low glycemic index), the dough can be put on the top and then baked.


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